Finding The Right Denver Massage Therapist For you.

You can smell a little fall air as autumn waits on the doorstep of beautiful Colorado. Fall is such a wonderful, almost cleansing time of year. The air feels extra clean and crisp. With the colder weather, for some it means tighter muscles and stiffness. It’s always a good idea to keep your favorite massage therapists phone number near by. With the slopes being our backyard, skiing and snowboarding is a great outside activity that can provide great exercise. Massage can be a great resource to help keep muscles loose and in top shape for the hills.

We suggest trying out a few Denver massage therapist companies to find the right person for you. Some massage therapists have different styles, techniques and feel. Overall it is about the connection you share and the connection they have to your body and physiology. It makes a world of difference if the massage professional has a soothing energy about them, and truly understands all of the muscles and pressure points on the human body. There are several top Denver massage clinics to choose from and we try to provide some ideas and reviews as well to help you navigate to the right LMT. Here is to wishing you a happy, blessed and healthy fall of 2016!

Here are a few massage videos that contain great information on massage techniques.

Relaxing massage techniques

Deep tissue massage techniques

Swedish massage techniques

Sports massage techniques

Different types of massage therapy

Summertime Tips

With the warm weather already starting to show up, people being more active and outside; it is the perfect time to get a massage in Denver. The flowers are already in bloom and Colorado is ready for another great summer! Colorado has so many incredible things to do, hiking in the mountains, running trails, rafting, fishing, you name it.

Almost all activities pair well with a full body massage! In most cases, integrating a good stretch routine into the massage is encouraged . Denver has some of the most talented massage therapist in the world. Healing healing hands, coupled with compassionate massage providers.
Some great massage tips…

1. Drink plenty of water and fluids after the massage to help toxins be released.

2. Make sure your massage therapist holds a license.

3. Check references; make sure they have a happy clientele base.

4. Seek a massage therapist that has experience with your particular needs.

5. Communicate with you therapist, convey what you are looking for in a massage therapist. Make sure they have the attributes you are looking for beforehand.

6. Formulate a “well being” game plan and “plan of action” to recovery or healing. This many times will entail a specific timeline and actions steps to your goals.

7. Take care of your body, substance and food intake. This can greatly effect how much you get out of your massage. If you eat right and limit toxin intake, this can make your massage experience all the more beneficial.

8. Get a massage in a geographic location that works well for your need. You may want to consider an in home appointment as driving after a massage can be burdensome.

9. Focus on mental well being before the massage. The right state of mind can make your massage even more enjoyable. Avoid everyday stressors or worrying as they can adversely affect good body work.

10. Always remember to tip well; your massage therapist will go the extra mile for you, especially when you go the extra mile for them.



Why has massage become so popular?

Massage is so popular because it feels amazing!
I know about massages, I have had thousands upon thousands of them. I know all about finding the best massage Denver has! It really doesn’t seem like yesterday anymore, thinking back many years ago to when I was a child. Even then as a young kid I loved getting rubbed. It was a gentle touch caressing my forehead, or just a light scratch across my back and legs. As I have grown older my body has been beaten up by the years. I also am the lucky recipient of arthritis and a birth defect in my lower back that causes backaches. I guess you would say these days, massage is not simply a luxury for myself, I truly need it to live and function. My sacrum must be pushed down often in order for me to be almost pain free.

Besides for pain management, there are many benefits to massage that can play a major role in overall well being. Not only can it help with blood circulation, muscle release, head aches, back pains, stress reduction, but it also can assist with toxin release among many other things.

The true testament to the many benefits a great massage can do for you, is how you feel when you get off of the table. I know for myself, being someone that has traveled a lot I would have different massage therapists often. Sometimes I was completely thrilled about their obvious talent, other times I was utterly disappointed. Once you are on the table and the body rub has commenced, there really isn’t too much you can do. Try to guide them as to your liking, hopefully being able to communicate with the CMT to modify the body work to your specific needs.
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That is why a simple qualifying strategy can go a long way to help you avoid an awkward and costly mistake like picking the wrong certified massage therapist.One thing I have learned that’s really helped me from wasting money on a bad massage, is asking the massage therapist questions beforehand. Referencing specific muscles or work you need done and fully communicating your needs. You can ask in such a way that should elicit an educated response for the specific region that needs massaged. For example you could ask ” Can you explain to me a couple massage techniques you would use to work my psoas muscle?” I mention this particular major muscle because for myself I have had more than my share of back pain and for many years I could not figure it out. Until I found a CMT that truly knew human musculoskeletal system. It really wasn’t a hard fix to stretch the psoas and relieve me of much suffering of my lower back pain. If you ask specific questions related to your needs and the massage therapist doesn’t have much to say on the topic or seem educated about what you described to them, you may want to continue looking for the right fit. The difference between a “good massage” and a “life changing massage experience” can forever change your outlook on the power of healing that is found in these homeopathic remedies of the hands.

However to fix my lower back, my back did not even need to be touched! It is not what you would think when daydreaming of a remedy. They actually had me lay on my back and maneuvered my stomach around, having me raise my leg and lower it as the muscle was trapped down to provide stretch. I never would have thought my lower back pains could be fixed so easily. Having my psoas worked on reduced my lower back pain by 75% or more. I had complained of the same back pains to numerous massage therapists and even established brick and mortar shops that did not offer any real solution to my lower back pain.If you want the best massage out there, get to know your massage therapist. Ask them questions and any good massage therapist will have questions for you as well. They will ask things like what your particular needs are, any medical conditions and other pertinent information to help you get the best massage experience available. Also many of the CMT’s will focus on particular types of massage so you can choose one that focuses on the type you like. Some may only do deep tissue, or Swedish, or one of my favorites reflexology! That is the fancy name for it, I think of it as a foot massage made in heaven. Enjoy!



Words From a Licensed Massage Therapist in Denver

You may ask yourself why massage has become so popular in the last decade and why you should get regular bodywork.  The reason is in the results.  Getting a massage not only feels great while you are on the table, but the benefits and relief you feel afterwards and for days to come is all the proof you need.  If you do not know what it feels like to get a massage and then you are missing out.  As a massage body-worker and avid massage receiver, I can truly say massage has been the best medicine for me.

Massage is as excellent preventative health care measure. It is an experience that is as beneficial as it is necessary.  Of course, choosing the right kind of therapy session is important as well.

Typically a therapeutic based massage will have more of the pain and tension relief you want and need.  That’s because therapeutic massages usually focus on your needs and pinpoint your tension areas.  A more therapeutic approach to massage can integrate different kinds of modalities such as deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point therapy, and stretching to release those knots and bundled muscles.

Receiving a combination of these techniques can have extraordinary results such as tension relief, stress reduction, relaxation, increase in circulation, and improved flexibility and range of motion.  Relieving the tension can improve and eliminate conditions such as headaches, migraines, and back pain, and it can help loosen scar tissue from old injuries.   Massage can also help alleviate muscle pain associated with overuse injuries such as tennis elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome.

In addition to the many physiological benefits, you also get to relax and quiet your mind for an hour or two as you lie on a warm table and clear your thoughts.  It takes you away from the busy day and allows you a peaceful break in your hectic schedule.  This mental relaxation is just as important as the physical relief.

Overall, the reasons why massage should be an important part of your regular health care routine are endless.  It is an affordable way to relax and release stress and tension, and an excellent way to prevent injuries.  Give therapeutic massage a try; you and your body deserve it.
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