4596883Simply as good as it gets. Our visit to Peace Of Mind Massage was incredibly pleasant and tranquil to say the least. From the start, the staff was very welcoming and friendly. The decor in itself was relaxing and decorated in a way where it had a warm, peaceful feel to it. We were asked to fill out a simple questionnaire which only took a moment. There were numerous delicious teas and hot or cold water available in the most beautifully decorated and comfortable waiting room you could imagine.

If you’re looking for a massage in Denver, Peace of Mind Massage is definitely worth considering. After a short questionnaire  we were guided to a private massage room where we briefly covered the type of body work that was desired.

Immediately the massage therapist began working the desired regions with perfect pressure, keeping in mind specific instructions on areas that needed more attention. It was obvious Peace Of Mind Massage takes great consideration when hiring specialized massage therapists. The therapist knew the muscle names impeccably well and incorporated some useful massage stretch techniques that really felt great. More importantly, it relieved some major discomfort in problem areas. At the end, they even took the time to print out numerous stretches that they recommended.  Finding the best massage in Denver isn’t  always an easy thing to do, but it was easy to see how Peace Of Mind really goes out of their way to make it an incredible and “complete” experience.