One of the perks of working for is the sampling of massages that we get to receive from very talented massage therapists from all over. As someone who is a huge massage enthusiast and gets body work done on a regular basis, I feel it is incredibly important to find a therapist that approaches the session from a medical and healing standpoint. I feel it is essential to find a CMT who has thorough knowledge of muscles and how to encourage healing and pain reduction through massage. With so many massage therapists out there it can be difficult to find the right one, and more importantly the ones that truly understand how to manipulate the muscles and know the musculoskeletal system incredibly well.

I recently received a massage from RENEW MASSAGE STUDIO by Alicia. The experience was wonderful in every way. I simply arrived at her office located just off I-25 and Washington only a couple miles from downtown. She was very friendly and professional, the massage room was extremely nice and it just felt very relaxing there. There was soft music playing and a nice light aroma in the air.

First I filled out a simple questionnaire in which I was asked what type of work I needed done and other pertinent information for the massage. We discussed that for a few moments and went over my lower back issues and muscles that I needed worked on. Then she stepped out of the room as I got comfortable on the massage table. Then she came back in and started the great massage. I could tell right away she knew what she was doing, as I have had many massages where the CMT was unsuccessful at really stretching the muscles as needed and working out the knots to my total satisfaction.

Not the case this time. It really was a great massage and many of my trigger points were released, as I had numerous tight muscles. Alicia really helped loosen them as well as provide a Swedish style deep relaxation massage as I had requested. For me it is about pushing down my sacrum and working my piriformis, glutes and occipital region as well as some general relaxation and stress release work. She used great pressure and checked with me to make sure I was comfortable.
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Alicia did some great stretches working my psoas, releasing a lot of lower back discomfort. She also did a great job with my hip area which sometimes gives me trouble and causes pain. Furthermore she advised me of some easy stretches I could do on my own to help loosen and manage some of my problem areas.

Overall it was great massage, we give Renew Massage Studio 4 out of 5 stars!  It really was a fantastic massage that even a few days later I am still enjoying the benefits of. Thank you very much Alicia and Renew Massage.

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