With the continuing growing trend of health and wellness, there are so many therapists out there. How do you choose which one will fit your needs? I have been on a quest ever since I decided to become an MT, to find (in my own opinion) what qualities make a great therapist.

To me, the number one quality a Massage Therapist should have (besides great massage training with extensive knowledge of anatomy) is to be an excellent listener. It is imperative that the therapist can truly hear the issues and concerns their client is facing. They must always keep in mind their current state of health, whether they are on medications, and what their lifestyle is like, etc. The ability to create a treatment session that is 100% client centered, using whichever massage technique and/or modality that will be most beneficial to them in that particular moment is such a necessary quality to have as a massage therapist.

Pursuing continuing education is a big “must” to me. I think that if a therapist continually invests in their “massage tools” (meaning the knowledge they have to pull from in a massage session), they are more likely to have more tools in their tool belt to help their clients. It also proves to me that the therapist is serious about their profession with helping people.

Chemistry and good vibes are two other qualities that I like in a therapist. There are some people you just “click” with and some you don’t. If I don’t feel comfortable with a therapist, how am I to relax my body and mind to have the session most beneficial? It just isn’t going to happen! To me a massage session is a professional partnership, working together on a common goal: relieving the body and mind of tension. In order to do this, you have to have a good client/therapist connection!

In my experience, these are some of the qualities that make a great Massage Therapist. This quest has taught me that this is the kind of therapist that I want to be and continue to strive to be: one that listens to her client, continually educates herself to add to her “massage tool belt”, and aims to create a comfortable environment for each client’s session for them to be able to relax and be free from tension.
Article Provided By,
Micol Ingino, RMT, NCTMB